Features and prices

Our website packages start at $1,950 and include all the essential functionality to promote your business.

Sending messages

It all starts with our Foundation website package.

For most small businesses, this is all that is needed. You'll get a custom-designed site tailored to your business needs.

Foundation package


Custom design

You'll get a beautiful, mobile friendly custom design, tailored to your business.

Custom page templates

You can create as many pages as you like but we will design three custom page templates and a blog page.

SEO optimised

Your site will be SEO optimised so you can maximise your search traffic.

Sign up and contact forms

You'll be able to generate leads and capture emails. We'll create newsletter signup and contact forms.

Sprinkle in some extra features



Sell your products with an online store. We'll install WooCommerce and set up your first 5 products.


Extra page templates

You might have more information to share with your customers, which doesn't fit into the foundation package. Not a problem. We can create new page templates specific to your content.

From $460/year


You want to give your customers the best experience possible; quality WordPress hosting is essential for this.

Care and content edits



Perfect for businesses that need very few site updates. Set and forget with the piece of mind that the latest security patches are applied, and all plugins are updated.

  • Up to 5 content edits / small site jobs per month
  • Daily secure backups
  • Managed WordPress updates
  • Managed Plugin & Theme updates

From $495/month


Perfect for businesses with a regular blog posting schedule or need updates to coincide with email marketing or ad campaigns.

  • Up to 35 content edits / small site jobs per month
  • Daily secure backups
  • Managed WordPress updates
  • Managed Plugin & Theme updates

Staying rock-solid

WordPress is a rock-solid platform; however, outdated WordPress websites are targets for spam and malware.

Staying up to date with new releases and bug fixes is vital to protecting your business and your customer's interests. We provide a service to care for WordPress sites and ensure your business is not interrupted.

We also provide ongoing support to implement site changes and content edits, should you not want to do these yourself.

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Extra extras

You might need features that aren't listed here; rest assured we can do anything.

Our prices are affordable, and our work is outstanding. For anything extra you need, please get in touch, and we'll provide a quote.

All prices are in USD.

How much will my website cost?

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